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7 Days Digital Strategy For Entrepreneurs


Are you an entrepreneur that is often confused about the daily actions you need to take to help you generate more sales online? 

Here is a simple template you can use:

  • Sunday Social
  •  Monday Marketing
  • Tuesday Testimonials
  • Wednesday Website
  • Thursday Traffic
  • Friday Feedback
  • Saturday Sales

Now let's get into more details...

Sunday Social

Create your content strategy and social media post, blog articles, newsletters, etc., on Sunday evenings.

Content creation takes time and effort. Stay ahead by creating all your social and marketing materials before the work week begins.

Monday Marketing

Start marketing all the content you created on Monday morning. Post your blog, email newsletters, and social media content at the beginning of the week.

Marketing your business on Monday morning will help you build positive momentum to post more content throughout the week.

Tuesday Testimonials

Follow up with clients that are happy about your service and encourage them to write testimonials on Google, Facebook, etc., on Tuesday.

Third-party endorsements are more powerful than you telling people how great your business is. When you go on Amazon, eBay, etc., what is the first thing you do is? You check the reviews. So what makes you think other people are not checking your reviews for too?

Wednesday Website

Every Wednesday, log into the backend of your website check your analytics. Is your website driving organic traffic via SEO? How are people discovering your business online?

It'sIt's crucial you know the devices, geographical locations, social platforms, etc., that drive people to your website. 

Thursday Traffic

Use the marketing content you shared on Monday, Testimonials on Tuesday, and Website Analysis you gathered on Wednesday to create a Sponsered Ad on Thursday.

It would help if you launched your ads on Thursday because Facebook sometimes takes about 24hrs to approve ads. Also, most people are active online from Friday evening throughout the weekend.

Friday Feedback

Most people spend more time online from Friday evening throughout the weekend.

If you have the chance, engage more with your friends and followers on social media on Fridays. Respond to your DM's and comments. And Don't be afraid to ask your audience for feedback on the content you've shared that week.

Saturday Sales

Did any of your actions you took during the week translate to sales?

If YES, then repeat.

If NO, then change your content strategy and try again.

About the Author

King Buari is a speaker, digital strategist, and founder of Buarich, a cutting-edge digital marketing agency offering website design, social media marketing and everything in between. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to build and grow their business online. Visit his company website.

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