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Don't Give Up


Today I woke up thinking. Thinking about life, work, the good, the bad. Deep thinking. Thinking about my goals. It gets challenging though.

I’ve discovered that the higher I strive to reach my goals the more challenges I tend to face. It’s almost like once I finish one battle another war begins.

From experience I learn't this lesson; the size of your problem correlates the size of your blessing. - King Buari

But challenges are good through. Without them we cannot grow. Depending on how we choose to see them, challenges can be a catalyst to help make us better, wiser, and stronger.

The storm that was sent to break you will be the storm that makes you. - King Buari

So now, I’ve made a decision to count it all joy, and so should you! Choose to see every setback in your life or business as an opportunity to grow, not a reason to quit.

The fact you failed doesn’t make you a failure. Don’t give up.

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