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How To Build Deeper Connections With Instagram DM


· Digital Marketing

Having deep conversations online is the key to social media success. In order to have such conversations, you need to know as much as possible about your the person you are talking to. Are they customers? Do they read your blog? Do they share common interest with you?

Instagram Direct Message commonly known as "DM" gives you a nontraditional communication channel that’s more human and personal so you can have deeper conversations and get to know the right people who matter most to you and your business.

You can use Instagram indicators (e.g., a like or comment on one of your posts) to find existing followers that frequently engage with your brand, then create targeted direct messages that could result in solid leads. The best part about using Instagram Direct Message with existing contacts and followers is that you’re messaging people who are already interested in your company, product or service. That’s a perfect foundation for a real human connection.

Next, change your post display so it’s in list form instead of grid form. Scroll through your last 10 posts and dive deep into the likes and comments. Do you see any trends?

Look for anyone who consistently likes your posts on a certain topic. Send those people a message related to the same topic and perhaps give them an inside look at your latest offer or someone else’s content they might enjoy. As you start Instagram Direct conversations with contacts, clients and customers, make sure your message is relevant, not spammy. You don’t want to cut ties; you want to make lasting connections. As long as you’re providing helpful, informative messaging, the gesture should be received well.

Used carefully and considerately, Instagram Direct Message can bump up your Instagram marketing results. Just keep in mind that these tactics work best if you’ve worked with your contacts before and/or have permission to contact them privately.

Get creative and see how you can build deep connections with your audience (without being too salesy) to generate interest in your business.

Do you have other ideas for using Instagram Direct for business? Do you have a story to share about what’s worked for you? Share your experience or thoughts in the comments below.

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