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Pursue Your Dreams, Go For The Gusto!


· Entrepreneurship

One of the worse and slowest deaths is working a job you hate, waking up early and coming back late, just to have someone else decide your fate. 

You don’t have to live this way. Giving your all every day just to receive minimum pay. It’s time to start believing in yourself and knowing your worth. You were created for something greater. Don’t put it off to later. Don’t let your current situation cloud your view. You have what it takes within you. Inside every employee is an entrepreneur who decided to peruse their dreams. 

"Inside every employee is an entrepreneur who decided to peruse their dreams”. - King Buari

Today, make a conscious decision to get outside of your confront zone. Start investing in yourself and make the necessary changes in your life that will help position you to do the work you love and pay yourself what you’re worth. 

You have only one life to live. Make the best of every second, because today is not refundable and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Pursue your dreams, go for the gusto!

About the Author

King Buari is a speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of Buarich; a full-service digital marketing agency offering cutting-edge website design, social media marketing and everything in between. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive in today's digital world.

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