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The Rise of Facebook Messenger Bots


· Digital Marketing

If you’ve been a follower of digital trends over the past couple of months, then you’ve probably heard about Facebook bots. For those who haven’t heard about it, “chatbot” or “bots” are simply software agents that interact with messenger users on business pages. According to reports bots are able to perform simple chats or answer questions similar to the way users chat with their friends.

A good number of Digital Marketers and early adopters have already began embracing Facebook bots (beta versions), for business pages and have reported dramatic increase in sales. During a live call recently, an earlier adopter disclosed quadrupling His sales just by strategically using Facebook Messenger Bots. If you’re a business owner or an internet entrepreneur, this is defiantly something you should get excited about!

When bots are strategically integrated in online business transactions, it can create a massive revenue stream for business owners. These bots have the potential to drastically reduce the amount of time and effort needed to respond to everyday messages on business pages. Although bots are still in beta stage and need in of some fine tuning, the potential for it to become the new norm is much closer than we imagine. In my estimation, it is something we all need to pay significant attention to.

Have you ever received a message from a robot? How were you able to tell? Share your experience with us below.

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